Canon Bristol – MFD Solutions Ltd specialise in providing Canon photocopiers and Canon multi functional printers in Cardiff, Bristol and Bath.


Canon Bristol and Cardiff – We are fully authorised Canon Accredited Partners with experience working with many businesses throughout Cardiff and Bristol. We have also been awarded with Canon’s Advanced Office Imaging Certification.


We provide unsurpassed professional consultation and advice from the outset giving clear and transparent detail at every stage of the process from initial contact to completion of installation and configuration of your Canon MFP, MFD or photocopier device.


Canon in the past few months have launched many new photocopier and printer products that include the updated Image Runner Advance Series devices. Specific models are the IR Adv400i, IR Adv500i, IR Adv4525i, IR Adv4545i, IR Adv C256i, IR Adv C356i, IR Adv C356P, IR Adv C3520i, IR Adv C3525i, IR Adv 3530i, IR Adv C5535i, IR Adv C5540i, IR Adv C5550i, IR Adv C5560i, Ir Adv C7565i, IR Adv C7570i and the IR Adv 7580i.


Smaller and lighter desktop colour devices include the Image Runner IRC1225i, Image Runner IRC1225if, Image Runner 1325if and the Image Runner 1335if.


Black and white photocopiers recently launched are the IR Adv400i,IR Adv500i,IR Adv4225i,IR Adv4235i,IR Adv4245i,IR Adv4251i,IR Adv 6555i, IR Adv 6565i, IR Adv 6575i, IR Adv 8585i, IR Adv 8595i and the IR Adv 8505 Pro. The smaller black and white Image Runner photocopier devices include the IR1133, IR1133a, IR1133if, IR1435i and the IR1435iF machines.


We support Managed Print Services and workflow solutions that amongst others include Uniflow, eCopy, Therefore and iW360.


We also provide a full range of Canon i Sensys printers that fully compliment and integrate with the larger Canon IR Advance MFD photocopier and printer products and we provide and supply all related consumables.

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