Leasing explained MFD Solutions London

Why Leasing?

Photocopier and MFD leasing can offer several key advantages when compared to purchasing equipment outright as it can preserve your resources, maintain your capital position and offer better cash-flow planning.


The use of equipment is what delivers value to your business, not having title to the equipment. Leasing delivers that capability that allows you to structure payments in a flexible manner that maximises your returns over the term of the lease agreement. With a leasing solution your company can benefit and utilise equipment that may be out of your immediate financial reach, therefore allowing your business to retain capital within it, uphold existing credit lines, increase your cash-flow and maximise your future purchasing power. Organisations can offset 100% of lease rentals against any taxable profits. One last consideration is with advances in technology moving so rapidly would a device be out of date by the end of term with little or no value?


There are several flexible lease options that you may like to consider including a Total Volume Rental Plan (TVRP) that in addition to the equipment includes the service element as well and Operating leases to name but two.

Q & A

Q) I am looking to upgrade my multifunctional printer however it is under a lease agreement with another supplier, can we do so before the end of term?
A) Yes. There may be a settlement figure to factor in from your existing lease agreement but we can incorporate this outstanding amount into the new agreement.

Q) What happens to my old photocopier when it is upgraded?
A) Under normal circumstances the existing lease company will own the photocopier or MFD and would therefore have to be collected by them. If you have title to the equipment we will collect and remove free of charge and dispose of in accordance to regulations.

Q) Would we be liable to a penalty charge for upgrading early?

Q) I am only 2 years into a lease agreement but we have greater demand for printing and need to upgrade, can this be done or is this too early?
No, it is often achievable and viable to upgrade after only 18 months

Q) Who owns the photocopier or MFD once my lease agreement has expired?
More commonly the lease company

Q) Can MFD Solutions support my photocopier if it is not on a lease contract agreement with MFD?
A) Yes certainly, MFD Solutions can take over your existing photocopier service maintenance contract

Q) Is it possible to downgrade my photocopier as we no longer achieve the volumes we once did?
Yes it is

Q) What is a TVRP lease contract and are they different in terms of settlement?
A) TVRP is an acronym for total volume rental plan. It works in the same manner as a lease therefore can be treated in the same way as any standard operating lease agreement.