Desktop Printer or Multifunctional device (MFD)?

Desktop printers have been a mainstay as a print service to business for so long now. Office environments have literally accommodated tens and hundreds of these, sometimes even one for each user. These devices would then be supported by a standalone photocopier/s along with a multitude of facsimile (fax) machines, each taking up valuable space not to mention the decibel levels when all were in operation!

Fortunately, through technology times have changed ……. or have they????

Well the short answer is no as there are many small, medium and large organisations that still deploy a large fleet of printers that offer less features, resource capability, integration to business workflows and most importantly are expensive to run and take up valuable office space.

There are many reasons why a desktop printer was chosen instead of considering a larger MFD that include, perception of security (attached to a single PC), low cost of ownership for the printer itself, floor space (although sometimes counterintuitive with a high deployment) familiarity and habitual ways of working. What was not factored in was the high cost of consumables thereafter, that when audited were mind staggeringly expensive to maintain completely eradicating any saving on the initial capital cost of a printer versus a MFD.

Another factor that is often overlooked is the yield that toner consumables are calculated upon. For example, a toner/ink that produces 10k prints per cartridge is based upon 5% printed coverage whereas the average coverage of a printed copy is 10-15%. Therefore, if the average was 10% then you would achieve only 5k per cartridge and not 10k thus increasing the cost by 100%. MFD’s in contrast do not have this limitation as they are calculated on a cost per copy price that has higher coverage threshold limits built in.

Whilst we are not advocating removing all desktop single function printers we would normally advise on a hybrid mix of devices. Most importantly we would make an informed decision based upon pragmatic research of a business and their requirements followed up with a comprehensive scope of work to match this.

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