Security for your Canon MFD

How safe is your MFD – multifunctional device?

With so much focus on devices, it would be easy to think the security of any device depends solely on the protection provided by its intrinsic features. In reality, while risks of malware attacks targeted towards devices exist, they are far less numerous than other threats to data security—like an employee walking away with a list of your client information on a USB or SD memory stick, or a disgruntled employee printing pages of customer details and simply walking out the door with this, not a palatable thought! Network and IT architects can do much to protect devices beyond the security provisioning of the device itself. As an example, thoughtful and insightful network infrastructure design, the segregation of networks and virtualisation of print and scan networks, can do much to add further strands of protection and control. Securing mobile access to networks also makes good sense and intelligent foresight.

Industry standards perform an important role in providing consistent technical specifications for benchmarking office devices. They help information security professionals to identify security threats and consistently apply solutions to overcome them.

Businesses can minimise information security risks by selecting safer printer languages and drivers.

UFR II • Canon proprietary printer language • Offers higher performance by supporting the features a device has maximising speed, minimising superfluous programmatic capabilities • As a proprietary Canon printer language, it is lesser known, providing more protection from hackers

HP PCL • A de facto industry standard printer language technology widely used for office printing applications, commonly resident in laser printers.

ADOBE POSTSCRIPT • A powerful language most commonly used for documents with high graphical content demanding rich colour printing, where colour accuracy is important

There is no fool proof “out of the box” security solution that fits all. Each business and organisation has its own unique set of requirements and represents what is an acceptable risk to that business. Data protection and resilience is paramount in today’s uncertain world so ensure having the right multifunctional device that will mitigate much of risk that you may be exposed to and from a manufacturer that has the reputation to deliver.

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security for your canon mfd