Security with Canon MFD’s

Data protection, security and the need for safeguarding confidential material has never been as important as it is today. Punitive damages are imposed on organisations that do not have a robust policy and implementation strategy within their business, and one that is adapting to the ever-evolving threat of data compromise. Security with Canon MFD’s has been fundamental, and one of the most important considerations that the industry’s leading manufacturer has developed, with many integrated features within their software platform to counteract vulnerabilities.

Security with Canon MFD’s has been developed through technology that is built to support integration as part of a company’s overall security approach with standard features and configurable options as well. Features such as secure boot up, flexible user authentication and login, security policy settings, hard disk erase, hard disk encryption and access control functions are just some of the many different systems and tools available. Easier maintenance of certificates and passwords to keep device security up to date and efficient distribution of device configuration settings make it a simple task in deploying across a fleet of multifunctional devices. Canon’s unique software platform enables distribution of firmware updates to multiple devices for any latest security vulnerability fixes and improvements.

MFD Solutions guide to good practice and protecting documents throughout their lifecycle:

  • Confidentiality with secure print and mailbox printing
  • Print policies with Access Management
  • Prevent duplication of sensitive documents through visible watermarks
  • Discourage the unauthorized sending of documents with address book access and destination access controls
  • Secure printing, My Print Anywhere and centralized mobile printing with uniflow Online Managed Print Solution

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